Former Doctor Goes Postal At Bronx Hospital

Dr. Henry Bello, a former Doctor at Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center, armed with an AK assault riffle, opened fire on his ex-colleagues Friday afternoon.

imagesOne doctor succumbed to his gun shot wounds, 5 more were seriously injured. Dr. Bello then ignited himself on fire, before inflicting himself with a single gunshot to the head, authorities said.

Dr. Bello was in the midst of a sexual harassment accusation. So, before being fired, he resigned, per New York Times. Bello had a history of sexual assault. 

In 2004, Dr. Bello was arrested and charged with sex abuse and unlawful imprisonment after a 23-year-old woman told officers he had grabbed her crotch area outside a building on Bleecker Street in Manhattan and tried to penetrate her through her underwear, a law enforcement official said. The woman told officers that Dr. Bello had lifted her up in the air and dragged her while saying, “You’re coming with me.” He later pleaded guilty and was sentenced to community service.

Slightly before 3 p.m. Bello unleashed hell in a Bronx hospital. Equipped with a AR-15, he terrorized the 15th and 16th floor. A mother in pediatric care with her 5 kids screamed out, “He’s shooting! He’s shooting!” Other witnesses remember gunshots ringing in their ears, while smoke consumed the hallways and air. The most vivid memory was Bello running down the hallway with his torso engulfed by flames, per New York Times. Dr. Bello killed a fellow doctor, shot a med student in the head, and seriously wounded 4 more.

The Bronx-Lebanon Hospital has inherited the carnage of Dr Henry Bello’s act of a disgruntled worker against a former employer.

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