Are We Ready For Pro Flag Football?

On the heels of the successful  launch of the Big 3 Basketball League, The American Flag Football League gets it’s turn.

Flag football to many is just like drinking non-alcoholic beer. It’s close but it’s just not the real thing. But, the newly launched AFFL looks to offer a change of heart. The AFFL, or American Flag Football League is a new league that was the idea of  founder Jeff Lewis. He got the idea while watching his son play flag football last year. It is a 7 on 7 game on a 100 yard field. The game lasts only 60 minutes.

The league looks to offer former NFL players a place to continue to compete. It also looks to offer former college players an opportunity to play who never played professionally. 42516-michael-vick-getty-3.jpgEven a guy fresh off the streets could get a shot to play in the league. Former NFL players like Terrell Owens, and Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson are helping to launch the new league. Recently retired former NFL quarterback Michael Vick will play in the inaugural game. The game will be played in San Jose California with the hopes of launching a full scale league next year. Are you ready for this as a football fan?

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