Do You, Phil!

The Knicks have made their share of mistakes. Under Phil Jackson, the Knicks are 80-166 — that is not good.  Knicks fans only have hope because in the NBA there is no quick fix.

Kristaps Porzingis
The Knicks have major decisions to make this off-season. What will they do with Kristaps Porzingis and Carmelo Anthony?

With two Super-Teams in the league, Golden State and Cleveland (despite what LeBron claims), only a handful of teams should be re-tooling for next season. Last year’s Knicks were not even good enough to compete for a playoff spot.

In their own division, Boston and Philly are stockpiling young talent that should blossom. So building a team for 3-4 years from now should be the Knicks’ goal. That gives them time to make sure they have the right people on the bus.

After last season, EVERY player is up for grabs?

What I can’t understand is why the media is so shocked that Phil Jackson is listening to offers for Kristaps Porzingis? The way Porzingis and his camp are acting, it makes sense that the Knicks are wondering if he needs to be on another bus. As talented and athletic as he is, he should not be untouchable.

Porzingis is fragile, skinny, and has a propensity to be tired late in games. Plus, he blew off the end of season meeting with the team. That is enough for management to at least be listening. Porzingis is the one player that would bring back the biggest haul. So Phil needs to at least listen as he works to build the Knicks of the future.

Let’s not act like Jackson inherited an organization in great shape. Last year he tried a veteran squad built around Melo. They did not live up to expectations. Keeping it real, that’s largely the problem. They tried that approach and now Phil has to flip the script.

What kills me is the double standard. For some reason, the Knicks continually are painted as dysfunctional. Other teams, change coaches, lose GMs, have bad contracts, and have disgruntled players and they don’t get the same negative coverage.

Lakers just traded D’Angelo Russell. #2 pick in the same draft as Porzingis, and that trade has generally been praised. Phil Jackson listens to offers for Porzingis – the media thinks he is an idiot. Most Knicks fans I know are not jumping off the Brooklyn Bridge if the Knicks go through with trading Porzingis, especially if they get a young stud in return.

If you are Phil, how can you not listen to the Celtics or Phoenix if they are interested in trading for Porzingis?  Porzingis is good but he ain’t a superstar. I am not saying give Porzingis away, but he should be on the table if the right deal comes along.

For some reason, the media glosses over the fact that Porzingis did not meet with the Knicks after the season.  Like it was not a huge deal. Then they blame the Knicks for not chasing him around the globe to make it right. Real talk, if I ignored my employer like that I would not expect them to chase after me and soothe my feelings.

The entire coverage of the Porzingis situation stinks of the sense of entitlement that is ruining our country, especially our professional sports. Sports is supposed to be a meritocracy. Untouchable status is earned by performance. It is not based on where you were drafted.

I support Phil for not coddling a disgruntled Porzingas.  A relationship is a two-way street. Players are a major part of the NBA, but they are not THE NBA.

In any industry, respecting your organization’s leadership should be a non-negotiable.  If you can’t do that, I totally support management seeking a replacement for your services. Point blank.

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