Muslim Teen Found Beaten To Death

Nabra Hassanen was accosted by Darwin A. Martinez Torres as she and a group of friends left a mosque on their way to an IHOP located a short distance away.


Martinez has been charged with murder after police found the body of the 17-year-old.  Police say the teenagers got into a dispute with a man in a car who was later identified as Torres. During the dispute Torres got out of the car and assaulted Hassanen, whose age has been reported as 16 and 17.

The teenagers then ran to the mosque but that Hassanen wasn’t with them. Her friends reported her missing at around 4 a.m. ET, and police began conducting an extensive search of the area using a police helicopter, K-9 teams and search and rescue teams.

Police found remains of a female who they believe to be Hassanen in a nearby pond around 3 p.m. A crowdfunding campaign set up to raise money for Hassanen’s family had already collected more than $160,000 as of Monday afternoon.

Police said they currently had no information to indicate that this was a hate crime.

Source NPR


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