A Letter 2 Tupac

As I prepare to view the All Eyez On Me biopic, I decided to share with Tupac how he inspired me.

Yo Pac,

I’ve been writing this letter for 2 decades now. First off, I have 2 ask. Is there Heaven for G’s? I’m just clowning, happy bday. 

I kno we’ve never met, but it feels as tho I kno u so well. I really want u 2 kno u saved my life. I don’t kno where to start, well I guess the beginning.

My father was kicked out 4 the ump-teenth time. I guess my mom was sick and tired of being sick and tired. My nights became long and sleepless. I dreamt of my murdered brother. I also couldn’t shake my father being shot right b4 my eyez. My subconscious thoughts were filled with Lucifer telling me you’re better off dead. “Y would God subject u to so many heart wrenching factors, if he loved u?” Waking up in cold-sweats nightly really took a toll on me. He ultimately consumed my thoughtz and dreamz. I remember 1 day after football practice all I wanted 2 do was drive my car over the bridge. The only things that stopped me were vivid visions of my mother’s face after my untimely demise. No 1 could understand me. Not even ME! I felt all alone. It was Me Against the World.

Everything changed for me after a ride to the local music store. I walked around the store 4 an hour b4 deciding what 2 buy. I left with Me Against the World. Little did I kno… it would b my resurrection. 

I listened 2 u Day and night. I don’t kno y but your voice was muffled 2 me. I really couldn’t hear the words n the raps. Then 1 day your voice was crystal clear. I lingered on every word, verse after verse, song after song. I began to connect with every song on the album. 

  1. Intro
  2. If 👁 die 2night…in the case of my demise don’t feel sorry for me. I’m really not happy here.                 
  3. Me Against the World….it seems as tho I’m all alone, but I must triumph over what ever.
  4. So many tears…it made me embrace the turmoil my life was n, and 2 ask God to help me.
  5. Temptations…helped me realize the flesh is weak, especially for the opposite sex.
  6. Young NIGGAZ…don’t rush to adulthood, enjoy your adolescence, and the decisions u make r vital.
  7. Heavy In The Game…it takes hard work to get what u want, if u don’t u will b just another statistic.
  8. Lord Knows…the black on black violence is an epidemic, and turn 2 god for guidance.
  9. Dear Mama…pay homage to the person that sacrificed themselves so u can have.
  10. It Ain’t Easy…it’s very hard to b a young black man n America, I doesn’t matter the heights u soar 2, the fabric of America will view u as a Nigga.
  11. Can u Get Away…people sometimes need an outlet from whatever their circumstances r.
  12. Old Skool…the paths we travel 2day has been traveled by many trailblazers, remember the individuals that make it possible to do what u do.
  13. Fuck the World…the world doesn’t except me for who I am, so I have no love for it.
  14. Death Around The Corner…there are many different facets to death, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re not breathing any longer.
  15. Outlaw…this is the monster I could b if it weren’t for God.

Believe it or not, this album became my bible. I took it everywhere I went. All of a sudden it was my courage, my strength, my happiness. Then I started to notice all the references u made about God, and 2 God. Initially, I only dropped 2 my kneez and prayed when u mention it n “so many tears.” I began to hear the message behind the message; 2 confide n God. I found myself nightly praying for guidance and forgiveness. My relationship with God had been resurrected through your music. I realized He had used u as a vessel to retrieve me. 

I’ve alwayz wanted 2 thank u for being who u r. I thank u for being spiritually connected enough so God can use u. Most of all I thank u for saving my life. Pac, I could add page upon page to this letter. However, I’m going 2 end it with this. U asked, How Long Will they Mourn Me? It’s been 2 decades and we still R.


                                         More than a fan



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