Jerry West Architect Of the World Champion Warriors Headed To The Clippers

Jerry West who has been credited for helping put together championship squads wherever he goes has agreed to join the Los Angeles Clippers.


West joined the Warriors 6 years ago and has played an instrumental role in putting together a roster that some say is one of the greatest of all time in Golden State. In talking about the move West stated, “I think [Steve Ballmer] is going to be one of the great owners that this league has. For a man who has had enormous success, you would never know if you’re around him, unless you knew. He’s just down to earth.” West met with Ballmer and has a relationship with the other Clippers owner Dennis Wong who also had a small stake in the Warriors when West was there.

When asked about why he chose the Clippers over working with Magic and the Lakers West responded, “People will ask questions about the Lakers, I don’t really have anything to say about the Lakers. I don’t. I’m not going to say anything derogatory about the Lakers. This is not about me being in competition with the Lakers. It’s about me wanting to try to see if I can help make a difference with the people the Clippers have in place. I’m not going to be the out-front person.”


West began his career with the Lakers as a player but also won 3 championships there as a general manager after trading for Kobe Bryant, signing Shaquille O’Neal and bringing in Phil Jackson to coach them. Where West goes success seems to follow and the Clippers are hoping that the trend continues.

Source LA Times



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