Darius Miles: Another Broke Former Ballplayer Story

Darius Miles made over $60 million in his NBA career but officially lost it all after a bankruptcy sale.

dm7-634x757The sale was held in Illinois and some of the items included:

— LeBron James signed jersey ($1,500)

Larry Bird signed jersey ($100)

— AR15 firearm ($500)

— Beretta Cx4 Storm gun ($400)

— Self-contained karaoke machine ($75)

Dirk Nowitzki signed shoe ($375)

Lamar Odom signed shoe ($225)

— 5 VHS players (total of $21.50)

They even sold his toaster for $2.00

It is reported that Miles made around $13,000 for the sale and has been financially cleared of his obligations. Miles played for 4 NBA teams (Clippers, Trailblazers, Grizzlies, Cavs) for a total of 8 years and was a highly regarded player that skipped college to play in the NBA right out of high school. Miles averaged 10 points and 5 rebounds over his NBA career and was selected 3rd over all.





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