The King Is No Longer The Best

Kevin Durant has surpassed LeBron James as the best player in the NBA.

bothLeBron fans swear Durant isn’t better.  He just plays for a better team. The Warriors are a “super team” and they are robbing LeBron of his GOAT legacy by winning this championship.

Where was this standard when LeBron took his talents to South Beach? I don’t remember them diminishing LeBron accomplishments then and withholding best player in the world status from him. No, instead they admired his dominance and ignored that he played on the most talented team at the time.

So I am not buying it.

As I watched Durant go head-up against LeBron during Game 2, I had to ask the question, “Is LeBron losing his title as Best Player in the World?”

From my seat on the couch, as Durant outplayed LeBron I was willing to say the torch was passed.  Better yet, it was taken.

Are we supposed to ignore that Durant has been better in NBA Finals. In the clutch moments against LeBron. I should just forget that KD has outscored LeBron 33-11 in the fourth quarter over three games.


The first time in the NBA Finals, LeBron proved who was better.  I do not remember anyone caring that he had Bosh and D. Wade on his team as they overmatched the youthful, Westbrook Harden, and Durant.  At the time, they were so overmatched that I questioned Durant’s heart because he did not seem to “want it” as bad as LeBron.

So those days are gone.

You know what else is gone if this series continues to go this way, my willingness to argue with anyone comparing LeBron to Michael Jordan.

Let’s recap.

If you followed the regular season, he wasn’t the best player this year.

He then ran through a weak East. An East, where he clearly is the best player. Then he reaches the Finals, and we learn he is only the best in the East.

You know why the media wants us to believe LeBron is still the NBA’s best?  He is their bell cow and it fits their narrative as they continue to sell his popularity.

The question of “if LeBron and Durant were on different teams, would the Warriors would still be on the verge of a sweep”. Who cares? If you have not asked that question, during any of the last seven finals that LeBron has rode a super team to the finals, why are you asking now?

The talent gap is not that great.  The performance gap is, but who fault is that.  If you want to be compared to Magic and Michael Jordan, get your talented team to perform better.

Durant has Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green. Obviously very talented crew.

But LeBron has Kyrie Irving, Long, and Tristan. Hate on Tristan if you want to, but he is the best rebounder in the NBA. He also was a force before this series.

So make it happen GOAT or let’s stop discussing him as the GOAT.

Before the series even started, I could see the setup for this outcome as I heard his fans (including his fans in the media) build up the excuses…LeBron James doesn’t have a supporting cast…LeBron Vs. the super team Warriors. Like this was the 2007 version of the Cavs instead of the 2017 version.

I even heard LeBron spread this narrative as he drools over the “firepower” of the Warriors.

It is what it is. Everyone has a season. Can’t we just give Durant his props for establishing himself as the best player by outplaying the former best player.  LeBron had his moment and is having a great career.

I know his fans are not ready to shift to Durant as best player. I know they will spin it and remind us how much LeBron has to do to get the “sorry” Cavs to win.

All I know is, they were ahead with a chance to grab some mo-mo in the series. Instead, Durant leads the Warriors as they score the final 11 points. LeBron missed a layup and had a crucial turnover in the final two minutes, as his squad went down 3-0.

My question, if the Cavs are so sorry, what super Team is LeBron jumping to now? Leaving a team to create a Super team three times in a career would be a record.

LeBron, whose career record in the NBA Finals is 17-26

Oh my bad, I forgot James needs help, that is why he failed to produce a field goal over the last 6 minutes.

Oh, maybe he was fatigued, but didn’t he miss 10% of the season this year resting?

Any more excuses for the best player on the world? I mean former best plater

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