Soundtracks…”It’s Funky Enough”

I continue my Soundtracks… journey with “It’s Funky Enough” by D.O.C.


First off, let me say this. D.O.C.’s “It’s Funky Enough” was the reason that his debut album No One Can Dot It Better  is the first Hip Hop tape I bought with my own money. I was ten years old when this single dropped in 1989 and I was immediately hooked. For the life of me, I could not get this song out of my head. I’d wake up every day and press PLAY on the JVC boombox on my nightstand…bumping D.O.C.

The beat, produced by Dr. Dre,  hits harder than a Mississippi mule…

When D.O.C. opens with his raspy “One, and here comes the two to the three and four
Then I drop the beat I have in store!” I lost it! This song signaled a change from the usual West Coast Hip Hop I’d grown accustomed to hearing. This dude was seriously lyrical.

It’s Funky Enough was my official initiation as a Hip Hop head and will forever be one of my favorite tracks, simply because I loved this song for what it was. My ear was still raw and I had built no allegiances at that point.

Check out the video and lyrics below.

Y’all ready for this
Rastafara Sonna Madda Fa
Drop the lyrics, a’ight

[Verse 1]
One, and here comes the two to the three and four
Then I drop the beat I have in store
Lay dynamics on the top like a rug
Make it sound smooth and later make a dub
Enunciate well, so that you can tell
I am not illiterate, no not even a little bit
Nothin’ like an idiot, get it
You want the record, cool, I’m with it
Let the rhythm take you, shake it cause it makes you
As I turn the knob of the door you escape through
Go in like a knot, don’t be a puff
And I let it play cause Dre’s getting funky enough

It’s funky, it’s funky [X4]
Dre makes the beats so fun-fun-funky
It’s gettin’ funky, it’s gettin’ funky [X4]
Watch the smooth lyrics that take place

[Verse 2]
If you want another reason why it must be funky
Yo, I am not a jackass meanin’ not a donkey
So I will play the game like it should be played
Drop the funk into the mix so the place will never fade
Ship it the the stations in your jurisdiction
Brothas say I’m dope, and the others say I’m bitchin’
No crowd can avoid the D-O to the C
When I’m P-E-R-F-O-R-M-I-N-G
On the stage, see the simple fact is I am dope
And known, I rock a funky beat without a cord so
It is my conclusion you will enjoy the fusion
And I will ascend with the style I am using
Knowin’ that it’s tough and it’s not a bluff
I think I’ll let it play cause Dre’s hittin’ funky enough

Dre make the funky hip-hop music so check it

[Verse 3]
Listen to the kick, drop in with the click
And with no rehearses I’m dropping funky verses
Stupid with the bit that you think you are relying on
You love it when it rattles is the fact that I’m buying on
Suckers never come close cause of knowing
There is no stopping the D.O.C. when I’m flowin’
But in the event that someone will try and juice this
Stop him in his tracks, show him that I am Ruthless
I don’t give a damn, don’t think that I am jokin’
Cause I don’t think he is funny when you’re messing with my money
Yo people tell me this, yo Dre you must stop him
But with no frills, so I just drop him
Continue with the rhyme and make sure I get mine
With no static cause that’s all I need to get my nine, but
Lessons have been learned now all kidding have been fronting
Let it play when the people say, Dre yo you’re getting funky enough

Deal with the D-O to the C

[Verse 4]
I need a break so I can check around
See who the hell who is sittin’ down
I want all chairs off the floor
And if he stands to the wall, show him the door
And the PK nothing giving you something to rock to
To go nonstop to, not have to look at the clock you
Percieve, but can’t believe you’re being taken
By a beat so cool you start shaking
And shivering, cause I’m delivering the answer
Haven’t seen you’re a hellified dancer
You tried sittin’ but it just won’t work
Cause the beat is so fresh
Don’t even tell it won’t be funky enough

And with the help of the Dr. Dre, kick it

It’s getting funky on the mix now, right
It’s getting funky on the mix now, right
It’s getting funky on the mix now, right
It’s getting funky on the mix now
Put it in the needle, and drop it on the one, boy


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