Mary J. Blige Ordered To Pay Spousal Support And Lawyer Fees

Mary J. Blige will pay 30,000 a month for temporary spousal plus retroactive support and lawyer fees totaling $235,000 to her estranged husband Martin “Kendu” Isaacs.


Isaacs had been asking for $130,000 a month. Mary J. had stated “I am not responsible for supporting (Martin’s) parents and his children from another relationship which he lists as ongoing monthly expenses”.  Isaacs had stated in his request for support that she had earned between $1.5 to $5.1 million dollars over the last 2 years. Isaacs claims that his income as her manager has ceased since the couple split due to the fact she fired him.


The couple purchased a home in 2008 for $12.3 million at the height of the housing market. The home is currently for sale listed at $8.9 million.

The judge overseeing the case has noted that the couple owes millions of dollars to the IRS for back taxes but exact details of this have yet to be released.


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