5 habits of unsuccessful people

Here are five habits that unsuccessful people have mastered but you should avoid.


Always running late

When you are always late for things people won’t take you seriously and you will develop a reputation for being undependable. Many people will show up for work on time simply because they don’t want to get fired, but will be late for everything else including things that could benefit them more in the long run. Simply put, those that only do what they absolutely have to do will never get ahead. Get to your appointments on time or 15 minutes early, excuses like traffic jams or oversleeping may get you by once or twice but it doesn’t take long to be known as a person that is never on time.


Holding grudges

This is one of those things that I have had to work on but the fact is the energy one puts into holding grudges is a total waste. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me as the old saying goes. The worse thing you can do is attempt to make your personal grudge someone else’s.  Giving someone a warning about someone is one thing and should also be done very carefully, but trying to get someone to not like a person because you had issues with them will always leave you on the outside looking in. Get over it, and learn from it whatever it was and just be careful not to let it happen to you again.



This topic can easily be a post all by itself, but the fact is people that do not have the discipline to control their finances are usually the same people that struggle in life overall. Now there is a difference between someone being poor because they just don’t have it and someone who mismanages what they do have. From a distance the 2 can look very similar. For this point I am talking about those that “spend their money before that get it” as the saying goes. Having your finances in order relieves stress at home and at work. When you have 3 to 6 months of monthly expenses saved, when a superior asks you a tough question at work you can answer it with ease. Those that come to work every day carrying the burden of knowing that if they are laid off they will be homeless in 30 days, are carrying a stress that affects their day to day decision making. At home it is this same burden that breaks up marriages and causes health problems. I will go into ways to manage finances on a different post but for this point the fix can be summed up in one word, discipline.  Just because they will let you leave the store, lot, or realtor’s office with it does not mean you can afford it.



I once had a subordinate that would always wait until the last day of the month to do work that she could have easily done throughout the month. I work in finance so the calendar month is very important. Anyhow, I warned her about it several times but I am not a micromanager and she always had it done when it was due so I didn’t press the issue. One month she came down with the flu on the last day and was unable to work for 3 days. I spent the next few days working sun up to sun down doing her job and mine in order to meet the deadline. My superiors saw what was happening and when she returned I was promoted and given a larger staff while she was passed on for a position she had been trying to get for some time.

I learned a lot from this; first I always set deadlines in advance of when I need whatever is due. I don’t tell he person the real deadline it is none of their business anyway plus this gives me a cushion if that person can’t live up to the commitment. Secondly I’ve learned to prioritize so the most important tasks can be done first.  Knock out the big things then do the little things. Finally whenever I feel overwhelmed with commitments, I write them all down along with the dates they are due. Every time I do this the stress goes away because I realize it’s not as bad as it sounds going back a forth in my head. Visualizing my commitments helps me grasp what I have to do and how long I have before it is due.



Two things I hate liars and thieves they make my blood boil, Boa constricted, on my soul that they coil” Andre 3000.
People that lie cannot and should not be trusted in business.  I have a rule that says if I do business with someone, and they lie to me, I immediately cut them off and never do business with them again. The only exception is when I have no choice at the moment or I am getting something from them that I cannot easily get anywhere else.  Now if you have a coworker that lies you cannot cut them off as easily, in cases like this you simply keep them at arms distance, and don’t associate with them unless you have to.  Liars are dangerous because they waste time and money and will leave you looking foolish if you base a major decision off of something a liar told you. From another perspective, once you have been labeled a liar you might as well quit or move because no business person will take you seriously and will tell all of their friends about you.



One thought on “5 habits of unsuccessful people”

  1. Overspending, procrastination, and disorganized is another one. All things I need to improve on. Good read!


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