5 Questions You Never Ask During A Job Interview

Here are 5 questions that you should never ask when you are interviewing for a position.


What do yall do?

If you were professional you would have looked that up already.  If the answer to the question could have been easily found then it is a dumb question and says a lot about the person asking. Instead, you want to show the  interviewer how you could add value to the company. Talk about specific skills that you have that relate to the position that you are interviewing for.

How much do you pay?

Asking about the money too early in the process makes the interviewer feel that you are more concerned with compensation than you are about what you can do for the company.  Basically, it’s ok if you are all about getting paid, just make sure you never come off that way. Never be the one bring up compensation, let them do it.

So, can you tell me a little bit about you?

The interviewer is not trying to be friends with you no matter how nice they may seem. Always keep it professional and at every opportunity reiterate the skills you have that will benefit the company.

When can I take a vacation?

You have not been even offered the job yet, hold your horses.  Questions like this you should hold on to until after you have been offered the position.

How does the employee discount work?

Questions like this tell the employer that you are more interested in incentives then you are in the position that is being offered. Never bring up incentives, again let them do it, its ok to ask questions just make sure that you selling yourself with each answer.




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