Fidget Spinner Craze Is Going Hip Hop

Like most trends that catch fire, the fidget spinner is infiltrating Hip Hop.

Fidget spinners have become the latest and hottest accessory in modern culture. Hell, my kids have two each… and have lost another two. Like the hover board, Bluetooth earpiece and countless others before it, the fidget spinner has chartered into the world of Hip Hop.

Eleven-year-old rapper Matt Ox’s “Overwhelming” music video, which prominently features the toy designed for those with issues focusing, has gone viral. Therefore, it’s led to an increase in the toy’s visibility.

The fidget spinner is generally a three-pronged plastic or metal device that spins around a central weighted disc, basically functioning like a vintage spinning top. The toys are a hit with kids and the craze is starting to reach adults too — and that includes rappers.

LOX member, Styles P, was seen with a fidget spinner in the studio. Styles was seen spinning the toy on his head in an Instagram video he posted earlier this month.

Nef The Pharaoh went next level with the gadget by incorporating one into an elaborate chain. The Chang Project artist claimed he began the fidget spinner wave while playing Three 6 Mafia’s “Ridin Spinners.”

Like those before it, the fidget spinner will for out eventually. However, it remains to be seen just how far the fad will go — in general and within Hip Hop — before it runs its course.

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