Artist Feature: King Shakur

King Shakur is proof that roses still grow from concrete.

KingShakur“If you believe, then you can achieve” is a motto that echoes through King Shakur’s mind daily. This has ignited a passion within that can only be derailed by idle ears; SPOKEN WORD. Moments into his interview I realized God had again created the World’s Ninth Wonder…A Survivor. We kept the on record interview close to vest. However, intimate details were discussed off air. Here is a more in depth look at King’s interview.

Hometown: Dallas, TX | Current City: Dallas, TX

Who is King Shakur? A son, husband, uncle, poet, community change agent, seeker of infinite joy while working everyday to be a blessing.

What are you working on currently?  A children’s book, planning creative writing workshops sponsored by a grant I was awarded by the City of Dallas office of Cultural Affairs and traveling to do poetry shows.

How would you describe your style? Truth, sometime hard, sometimes funny but all truth.


Why do you do what you do? Searching for the high of just reaching just one person, inspiring them to be and to seek that truth. I also do what I do, because I owe it to my ancestors to fight, and words are my weapons.

What was your “Ah ha” moment…when you knew this is what you wanted to do? The day I read Cotton Candy on a Rainy Day in 5th grade. Nikki Giovanni changed my life.

Professionally, what are your goals? My goal is to be that elder to young artists, while living behind a collection of work that will inspire others for 100’s of years.

You can collab/play with 3 people (dead or alive). Who and why? Tupac, Andre 3000, Aliesha (a great friend, which died too soon)

Who are your inspirations in and outside of your profession? My family, Nikki Giovanni, Dick Gregory, my ancestors, and those kids following me.

King Shakur also conducts Creative Writing Classes at the South Dallas Cultural Center.

What / who inspires you to be great? Breathing

How has your work changed over time? Reading, and current events always shape my work.

What is your take on music and art funding being cut in schools? It’s by design, it’s all to keep the school to prison pipeline fluid. If you remove ways for them to express, they will act out in other ways.

Check out King’s book, Streetlights, J’s and Hip Hop

Streetlights Js and Hip Hop

What’s the scariest part of being an artist? No one hearing you.

How do you Defy Life? By being and doing everything they told me I could not.

Here at Defy Life we want to be a platform for the unconventional being. King is epitome of such a person. Listening to his passion and desire for this craft made me realize that he isn’t just a spoken word artist. He is the true essence of the Art.

King has inspired us to dedicate a Defy Life video channel exclusively for spoken word artist. If you are a spoken word artist and interested in having your work featured on Defy Life, please email us at

twitter @TheKingShakur instagram @DJDoughboytre | facebook logo King Shakur

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