Defying Fantasy: Beast Mode?

With his return to the NFL, fantasy owners have to ask…Is Marshawn Lynch still ‘Beast Mode’?

marshawnFor those of you that were sleeping under a rock this NFL off-season, Marshawn Lynch is now an Oakland Raider. After a one-year hiatus he’s back with hell in his eyes with his hometown team on his chest. However, I must ask you a question. Can Lynch regain his top 10 fantasy running back status? Is Marshawn Lynch still ‘Beast Mode’?

Lynch hasn’t played a down since the 2015 season. He only played in seven games that year due to injury. Lynch carried the mail 111 times for 417 yards with 3 touchdowns. In fantasy football dialogue those stats translate to 59 points in a standard scoring system.

Marshawn is now 31 years old. He’s reached that dreaded 30 year old mark. You know….when super stud running backs become umm….very average, for lack of a better word. He’s facing an opponent that doesn’t miss tackles. I think he’s the only one who could abruptly stop Marshawn Lynch; Father Time.

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