2017 Hip Hop Cash Kings

Hip hop is not just about music, it’s also about big business. Artists have expanded their brands well beyond music, and that means your favorite rapper is cashing big checks.

jayHip-hop artists are continuing to explore other markets such as apparel, books, technology, and even television. Any financial adviser will tell you it is always good to diversify, and these artists are doing just that.

According to Forbes.com, Diddy tops the list once again with a net worth of $820 million. His deal with Ciroc and other investments are bringing in some serious dough. Jay-Z is in a close second coming in at $810 million. A recent $200 million-dollar investment from Sprint Corporation in his streaming music service Tidal, helped to increase his worth. These guys are definitely close to billionaire status. Who gets there first is yet to be determined. Check out the complete list below.

 P.Diddy ($820 Million)
 Jay-Z ($810 Million)
 Dr.Dre ($740 Million)
 Birdman ($110 Million)
 Drake ($90 Million)


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