Insane NBA Conspiracy Theory: Did Morris Twins Pull A Switch-a-roo?

After Markieff went down with an ankle injury in Game 1, he looked healthy — maybe too healthy — in Game 2. Did Marcus Morris Sub in for His Twin Brother, Markieff?

We’ve all talked about the mischief we’d get into if we had a twin. Well…at least I have. And when I do, this is the kind of stuff I dream about!

During Game 1 of the Eastern Conference semifinals between the Washington Wizards and the Boston Celtics, Wizards’ forward Markieff Morris went down with an ankle injury after landing on Celtics’ big man Al Horford’s foot on a shot attempt. Morris left the game with a sprain after having played only 11 minutes, robbing Washington of one of its most versatile weapons. At the time, it appeared Morris would be out for a while, due to the apparent severity of the injury.

However, on Tuesday night, Morris played his best game of the playoffs, hitting his first four field goal attempts and finishing with 16 points, 6 boards, and 4 nice assists. He also showed no signs of the injury.

Perhaps Markieff just made an amazing recovery. Or maybe it was Markieff’s identical twin brother, Marcus, who plays for the Detroit Pistons (who have been eliminated from the playoffs), dressed up as Markieff. Marcus is healthy, unoccupied, and, then there’s the whole identical tattoo thing:

We’re not saying it’s true. But, people are curious:

And the Morris twins have admittedly done this before.


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