Huge Crowd Shows For Master P Biopic Auditions

Auditions for Master P’s biopic “King Of The South” drew long lines.

Hundreds of aspiring actors and actresses showed up in masses to audition for Master P’s forthcoming biopic, King of the South, this past Tuesday, April 4. Held in P’s hometown of New Orleans, LA, the audition welcomed hopeful thespians wanting to land a spot among the cast. According to the film’s website, Master P’s goal is to “present an authentic feel to his unique story. He is offering an opportunity for untapped talent to co-star in this film, if they have what it takes.” The earlier rounds of auditions were previously held in Hollywood.

“We brought Hollywood to New Orleans,” Master P said in a press release. “There’s a lot of untapped talent that will get discovered. I was excited to see the work ethic of these actors and the passion that they have for their craft.”

Being sold as the “best rags to richest story ever told,” the film is based on Percy Miller’s life story, which begins in NOLA’s Calliope Projects and ends up with the No Limit Records CEO among the most successful independent rap artists of all time. The producers of the film, Uptown Group Pictures, plan on starting production this summer. In the meantime, check out some clips from the auditions below.

2 thoughts on “Huge Crowd Shows For Master P Biopic Auditions”

  1. P already has a BioPic, y’all don’t remember “I’m Bout It”? Best line “You Bump a’lil, Nigga what you mean you BUMP a’Little!”

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