Knicks’ should not play in-game music every night

Knicks need to go no music more often.

After just one half of basketball without in-game music at The Garden, Draymond Green dissed the Knicks’ concept.  He used words like “pathetic”, “ridiculous”, and “disrespectful.”

I guess Draymond failed to appreciate the Knicks’ motivation of allowing customers to “experience the game in its purest form.” Personally, even a Hip Hop head like myself can dig that.


Apparently it affected the play of the Warriors. Green said, “There was no rhythm to the game. All this stuff makes a difference in a game, believe it or not…. You turn on music, it just helps you get into a certain area, takes you to a certain place… it definitely threw the entire game off.”

Seemed to me like an overreaction by Green, but if it makes such a difference I would cut off all music immediately.

The Knicks actually led the Warriors by one at halftime. The data does not lie.


If visiting players get agitated by the muted vibe, the Knicks should keep it up and kill the music. The opposing players being agitated is a good thing.

Eventually the home players would adjust and maybe it could develop into a home-court advantage.  The Knicks need as much help as they can get these days.

It could be an ill home-court advantage, the home crowd can still get involved, and it would require a more organic approach to getting energy behind the home squad

I know this old school approach would only open the Knicks up to more attacks by national media (aka Haters), but so what.  Anything that gives a Knicks’ opponent energy or gets them into the game, the Knicks should be opposed to. My enemy’s enemy is my friend.



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