Pizza Hut Really Made Shoes That Can Order Pizza

Yeah, you read that right. Pizza Hut is set for a limited release of a pizza ordering sneaker.

Thanks to technology, it is really easy to order a pizza. You can do it by voice thanks to digital assistants like Alexa, you can use an app, or even an emoji (I can think of one particular emoji to equate my feelings on this shoe…poop).

Now, Pizza Hut has created a way to order pizza with shoes.

The chain created 64 special-edition “Pie-Tops” both in honor of the NCAA March Madness,¬†starting this month and the fact that it is really easy to get a pizza.

The bad news: these shoes won’t be for sale to the public. However, the 64 pairs will be made available to some lucky fans as part of a future promotion.

The shoes use Bluetooth¬†technology and geolocation to know where to deliver the pizza, says Pizza Hut, once wearers place their order by pressing on the shoe’s tongue.

So, maybe pizza shoes aren’t in our immediate futures. In the meantime, hopefully, someone is working on blue jeans that order beer!


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