Entrepreneur Spotlight: Eric Tindal

An intriguing view into the mind of Kinetic Life founder & producer Eric Tindal.

The word “genius” gets tossed around far too frequently and loosely these days, dulling the moments when it is truly justified. However, when you encounter a person fitting such a label, it is genuinely a priceless experience.

Producer and DJ, Eric Tindal, founder of Kinetic Life, humbly lives up to such billing. Most people hear music. Some people feel music. Fewer people see music. Even fewer people experience music. Tindal has the innate ability to experience the sounds, vibes, colors and emotions around him as music. Not only does he possess a natural gift, Tindal regularly hones his craft through repetition, research and meticulous application.

Inside the mind of a genius, resides rhymes and reasons most of us can’t quite fathom until they are completely laid out before us in finished form.

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Tell us about Kinetic Life.

Kinetic Life is my music company. I’m a multi-genre producer and DJ. I work with artists, labels, events…pretty much anything. I started in the early 2000s. This was back when Sony Music Generator was on  PlayStation. Everyone was using that…well folks that didn’t have much money. One of my partners gave me FL Studio. And ProTools was out then as well, and was pretty much the standard. Another partner of mine gave me about 30 gigs worth of sounds and it’s been on ever since. I’ve been addicted to it since. I started pitching music to local acts, started working with an independent label here in Columbia, SC. I expanded to doing documentaries and stuff like that as well.

What are you working on currently?

Currently working on a few things. I just finished up to EPs. One is called ‘The Takeover’ and the other is called ‘The Kare Package Kampaign’. I’m producing both projects. ‘The Kare Package Kampaign’ is in the process of being mastered right now. ‘The Takeover’, we’re rounding out recording the final tracks now. They both should be released this summer. I also have a podcast / web-series that I’m working on. It’s in the very early stages. Of course, more beats and working with artists. About to work with two R&B artists on their projects. They’re in the early writing stages right now.

Every couple months I’ll drop an instrumental album that caters to a specific genre. One of my favorites is a series called ‘808 Landscape’, it’s for down south. Then I’ll put together a hip-hop based instrumental album. I’ll dabble in house music and EDM as well.

And then, I’m a DJ also and  I’m a resident of this event called ‘The Classic Jam’. It’s like karaoke on steroids! The singer comes on stage, where there’s a live drummer, keyboard, backup singers and we just let them fly for a few minutes. I also showcase at the Atlanta International Film Festival every year. And I’m also working with Blue Cross Blue Shield this month, on an event called ‘The Community Baby Shower’. It’s geared towards single mothers and young parents to come out and celebrate and get health screenings, things like that. Ruben Studdard will be headlining that event.


Listen to Kinetic Life music here

How would you describe your music?

In one word…eclectic. I’m an old-school cat. I like to infuse old-school tracks and beat patterns with new stuff. I don’t like to follow trends and try to stay away from mimicking what’s the wave right now. I put my own twist on anything I’m doing. So,  I’d say my style is eclectic.

Why do you do what you do?

It’s a passion. I feel as if you have a passion for something, it’ll gravitate towards you. A lot of people don’t know this, but I put music down for about a year and a half. During that time I just started doing some research and actually learning more about music. I picked it back up and didn’t miss a beat.

What was your “Ah ha” moment…when you knew this is what you wanted to do?

When I first got started, I would let my homeboys listen to my music. They are some hardcore critics. I mean we’re all fans of Hip-Hop. Sometimes they’d go overboard with the criticism. Tell me to hang it up, quit, you suck. That was just motivation for me. So, along the way, the  criticism went away and eventually they’d be calling to ask me for new beats.

Another moment was when I was in school. I was making music after school and my pops came and snatched my headphones off and told me “If you’d spend as much time in you books as you do on music, you’d be a straight-A student!” It wasn’t like I was flunking or anything, but I could’ve been better. That prompted me to actually research the craft. It also opened my pops up to eventually share with me that he used to DJ in his early days. He showed me his old Technic 1200 turntables. I know those were the joint bank in the 80s or what not. He asked if I wanted them and I was like, “Nah, they’re too heavy!” But I appreciate that connection.


Professionally, what are your goals?

Just to make the best music I can. I enjoy working with new artists. Having the brand grow and continuing to have more people contact me to work on their projects. I think financial things come with progress, so I don’t focus on that.

As an entrepreneur, I enjoy the business side of it. Getting involved in the A&R and executive producing side. Helping people get their dreams out man.

You can collab on 1 project with 3 artists (dead or alive). Who and why?

First, Pharrell. I just enjoy his instrumentation and the way he moves music. So that’s be huge. Another one is Kanye. We all know what’s going on with him right now. But he’s always been the underdog. So, I feel like this is when he’s, musically, at his best. Third would be Fabolous. Simply because he’s always been so witty with it. And I feel he still putting out great music.

Who are your inspirations in and outside of music?

Inside music, basically the guys I just named and many others who are pillars and staples in music. I don’t really have a set list. I just like to take pieces of inspiration from different people. My wife has been a huge inspiration. My pastor as well. He’s an entrepreneur too. He started a church around the same time I started back up with the music. So we always just talk about a lot of things.

How has your music changed over time?

Just gotten better man. I’ve gotten tighter. I’ve learned that it’s very important to actually learn music. Instrumentation, chord progressions, melodies and how to arrange music. A producer can make beats all day just like an artist can write songs all day. But, it’s important to learn how to turn that into songs that flow. I’ve just learned how to put complete songs together.

What is your take on music and art funding being cut in many schools?

I think it sucks. I know there are performing arts schools out there. But, in public schools music and arts are definitely necessary. They are more of the elective or exploratory classes that allow students to do something outside of their core classes. Funny you ask that. My cousin, who is the CEO of the event I do every year is also involved with the VH1 movement ‘Save The Music’. He spoke at a panel with them recently. But they help fund music programs in schools that need it. I’ve been involved in that as well. There are some industry insiders who have taken on funding many of these programs. And they’ll interact with you on Twitter. I just think it’s horrible when music programs get cut.

What’s the scariest part of being an artist?

I’m an introvert man. Doing so many public things, I have to figure out how to approach the situation. So, I’ll get butterflies or get the hush mouth when I’m preparing for a set or I’m ready to pitch some music. Most times it’s helpful because things rarely go as you plan them and it keeps me on my toes. I’m also my worst critic. There are times I’m overly critical of myself and the audience is like “that was great!”.

How do you Defy Life?

Just being a rebel and believing in what I do. It can be a thousand people in the room and I believe I’m the best one there. Defying life, to me,  is just about being s rebel and believing in what you do. That brings the best out of you.

Anything else you want us to know?

I just want everyone to look out for Kinetic Life. I feel like I’ve got the best thing out right now. So just keep an eye out for Kinetic Life.

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