The Hypocrisy Of Tom Brady

Tom Brady always seems to conveniently lose his leadership skills away from the football field.

Martellus Bennett
Martellus Bennett has been consistently vocal about his views on Donald Trump.

First off, let’s get this out of the way. Congrats to Tom Brady and the New England Patriots on their historic victory in Super Bowl LI. Brady solidified himself as, perhaps, the greatest quarterback to ever play the game.

But, this isn’t about football. This is about Tom Brady’s inability to willingly view and accept the views and stances of others…namely his teammates.

Immediately following the Super Bowl ended, Patriots’ tight end Martellus Bennett declared he would not attend the traditional Super Bowl champion visit to the White House. Not long after that, safety Devin McCourty echoed Bennett’s sentiments.

Apparently, Tom Brady was not sitting well with the audacity of his teammates to skip out on the chance to shake hands and pose with Donald Trump. The suddenly democratic Brady suggested the team hold a vote to decide if everyone will attend the White House. How very diplomatic of Mr. Brady..

But, there are several issues that come to light with Brady’s vote recommendation. First and foremost, Bennett and McCourty are free to chose whatever the hell they want in regards to a White House visit. That is not included in their team duties. Also, Brady seems to have forgotten that he played hookie on the Patriots last White House visit in 2015, handing out the flimsy excuse of “needing more family time”. Again, that was Brady’s choice to make. However, it does reveal his lack of balls for being dishonest about not wanting to attend while Barack Obama was in office. Never mind the fact that Brady has completely and repeatedly dodged questions regarding his support for Trump. Questions, which were heightened after a “Make America Great Again” hat was plainly seen in his locker.

So, now that someone has a different opinion from his, Brady wan’t to enforce a team vote on somebody?

If Tom Brady wants to support his friend, that’s cool. But, when that support subsides when he’s forced to show it publicly, it shines a bad light on the subject. Especially when you are blatantly attempting to deter others from expressing their own freedoms.  It comes across as disingenuous and shady (hey rhymes with Brady!)

Shame on you, Thomas Edward Patrick Brady III.

It shouldn’t even matter that Bennett and McCourty are sublime players in their own right. It definitely doesn’t matter that it’s tradition, because tradition damn sure didn’t matter to Brady.

I couldn’t care less whom Brady lends his support to. But, he must not have that same dose of tolerance. Brady’s stance is symptomatic of larger issues in this country. His willingness and assumption that it’s ok to change the rules at halftime, after you’ve benefited from the status quo at your convenience is patently absurd, but not unfamiliar. If every black man on the Patriots roster decided not to show up to greet Trump, Brady should just assume they need family time and leave it alone. No one, asked for a team vote when he tossed that around to avoid Obama.

As Nelly pointed out this week, “Tom Brady opened Pandora’s Box“. He’s absolutely correct, Nelly is.

One thought on “The Hypocrisy Of Tom Brady”

  1. Shady Brady! I love it! And perhaps not the greatest QB ever. Beneficiary of a great coach and system. Truly believe there are number of QB’s who could accomplished the same accolades if they were in NE.

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