A Way To Rattle Tom Brady

It is seemingly impossible to rattle Thomas Edward Patrick Brady, Jr. Not so fast! I think I may be onto something!

When you think of Tom Brady you think excellence. You think a 6th round draft pick that everything to defy all late draft stereotypes. Tom Terrific is on the verge of being the greatest quarterback to have laced them up. Tom is known for playing with unparalleled composure in all 10 AFC championship games.

On media day we saw a different side of Tom Brady. A more emotional, grateful side to him was exposed. Brady was blindsided by one of the most unlikely reporters. A young boy told Tom you are my hero. Then he asked, “Who is your hero?” Brady immediately responded by saying “my dad.” He began to go into detail describing why his father is his hero. After a few words he became overcome with feelings towards his father.

That’s the only time we’ve seen Tom Terrific not able to smoothly handle the play call. Maybe Dan Quinn should incorporate dialogue containing Tom’s father in his game plan. That seems to be the only thing to rattle him. I can assure you on Super Bowl Sunday he’ll be ready for whatever questions the Falcons D asks of him.



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