NFL Reaching For “less punitive” Approach To Recreational Marijuana.

Could the NFL be ready to escape the time warp in which it seems to be stuck regarding the use of marijuana?

DeMaurice Smith
NFLPA executive director, DeMaurice Smith.

The NFL still holds onto many antiquated practices and standards. Its policy standards when it comes to marijuana use is one of those.The NFL Players Association hopes to change that.

NFL Players Association executive director DeMaurice Smith said the union is will propose the NFL to make the substance-abuse policy “less punitive” in regards to use of  recreational marijuana. Once approved by the NFLPA’s board of player reps, the proposal will be forwarded to the NFL for consideration

“We will sit down and we will present a proposal to our board,” Smith said. “If our board approves the proposal, we’ll sit down with the league and we will make the proposal to them. If we think that this is medically, scientifically and therapeutically the right position, then we tell the league, ‘Therapeutically, medically and scientifically, this is the right position.’”


The bottom line is this. There are countless and verified accounts of people, football players or not, who have found substantial relief from pain, lack or focus, tic disorders, etc resulting from the use of marijuana. One of the primary concerns of an NFL player is pain management…during and after playing careers. If the NFL is willing to continue to blatantly ignore those concerns of the players it claims to protect, that says a lot about the sincerity of the league’s claims.

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