Meet The Prospect: D’Onta Foreman

D’Onta Foreman is not a big name. But the big man has an even bigger game. - NFL Jerseys and Gear

School: Texas  Ht: 6-1  Wt: 250


Foreman has a proportional build and is able to run powerfully behind his pads, even when he’s not dropping his pads and barreling into a tackler, as he does often. Many bigger runners get accustomed to using their size to barrel into defenses, but Foreman is a patient back with excellent vision and an ability to make last-second cuts thanks to substantial ankle and hip flexibility.

In fact, his change-of-direction talent and ability to accelerate to top speed quickly are what stand out most about him on tape. Not many running backs of Foreman’s size can run away from gap-shooting linebackers who leak into the backfield, but Foreman has that instant gas that other don’t possess. He’s also between the tackles with an above-average feel for setting up and utilizing blocks. Foreman’s innate ability to hunker down, them continue his run when it looks like he’s about to be tackled speaks volume to his talent and desire as a ball-carrier.


While Foreman’s ability to create for himself with elusiveness is an advantage he has over many other big backs, it can also be a detriment. Foreman is still learning when to bounce runs outside to extend the play and when to lower his pads and maximize the play. Foreman recognizes yardage to be had and tries to go get it, but the speed of pro defenders will turn some of those bounced-rush attempts into runs for no gain or a loss of yards. Foreman will also decelerate into contact intermittently with no rhyme or reason. He has just nine career catches and three drops. I’m not sure what your SAT scores were, but it doesn’t take much to single those numbers. Foreman also had four fumbles this season and scouts are definite to lock in more closely on his ball security.

2017 NFL Draft Positional Rankings


Foreman is a bit of a throwback, which will either increase his value or diminish his worth, depending upon the team. He has a solid combination of size and agility, allowing him to run effectively from multiple schemes/sets.

Foreman’s rare size immediately limits the amount of player comparisons that can be made. The task of finding a comparison becomes even more difficult once his combination of vision, power and elusiveness are factored in.

2017 NFL Draft Early Entries

NFL Comparison

Stephen Davis (retired)

Draft Position

Late 1st-Mid 2nd round


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