Judge Rescinds Bail For Taxstone

Daryl Taxstone Campbell, host of the hit podcast “Taxseason” was arrested Monday on federal weapons charges after a 7 month investigation.

taxThe charges stem from a shooting at Irving Plaza in New York City that left Ronald McPhatter, bodyguard for rapper Troy Ave, dead minutes before TI was scheduled to perform.

Taxstone was making the transition from street life to stardom, but if the federal prosecutors have their way, it could be decades before he will see the streets of New York again.  Judge Andrew Peck originally set bail at $500,000 on Tuesday but that bail was quickly appealed by prosecutors and a new hearing was set. Prosecutors were able to convince Peck that Taxstone was a flight risk and a danger to the community and on Wednesday the bail was rescinded.

Taxstone has had classic interviews with the likes of Pee Wee Kirkland, Joe Budden, and Meek Mill just to name a few. He has amassed over 100,000 regular listeners in a world where conglomerates like clear channel compete for the same space.  Tax has never shied away from his past and regularly bragged about his exploits, but in this social media age where words are a forever, his temper and brash since of humor and may have come back to bite him.

Taxstone’s ongoing feud with Troy Ave is documented and prosecutors have even used Tax’s own twitter account as evidence against him in the indictment. Police also claim to have his DNA on the trigger and magazine of the gun that killed Mcphatter. Tax has hired Kenneth Montgomery as his attorney.



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