Meet The Prospect: Jamal Adams

LSU safety Jamal Adams is a versatile defender with very few holes in his game. - NFL Jerseys and Gear

School: LSU Ht: 6-0  Wt: 211


On a defense full of future NFL talent, Adams was the standout. He has adwquate size and bulk for an NFL safety. His blend of physicality, agility and instincts are in elite category. Adams has the versatility to play either safety spot and thrive in all aspects of each. With all of the positives regarding his physical attributes, it’s his intangibles that stand out the most. He is a natural, respected leader among his teammates and one of the hardest workers on the team. Adams also is an extremely smart player who is rarely caught out of position or taking bad angles.

In run support, Adams diagnoses quickly and flies to the football. When he arrives, he generally does a good job bringing ball carriers down in space. In coverage, he can matchup in man and has above-the-line zone awareness.


The only real flaws in Adams’ game are minor and correctable. He will occasionally arrive at the tackle out of control and overrun the ball. Adams will also get too aggressive in coverage and lose sight of the ball in the air. Would you like him to be a little bigger? Sure. But, they all can’t be Kam Chancellor’s size.

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Adams was a do-it-all player for LSU, playing in the box, free safety over the top and even coming down into the slot to cover wide receivers. He was at his best when covering tight ends in man coverage, though. Adams uses his past coverage skills to stick with receivers, often blanketing them, forcing the quarterback to go elsewhere. And when the ball did come his way, he made a play to prevent a completion.

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