Meet The Prospect: Corey Davis

Western Michigan WR Corey Davis is the FBS all-time receiving leader and a big time prospect. Maybe you should get familiar with him. - NFL Jerseys and Gear

School: Western Michigan Ht: 6-3  Wt: 213


Davis is a long and athletic wide receiver with a surprising burst. Davis has really impressed with with his route-running, hands and deceptive speed. He also displays toughness and the ability to produce when not 100 percent healthy.

What makes Davis so good is that he is very tough to cover in a variety of ways. Davis has very good feel to get open. He uses his quickness to get separation and his size to make contested catches over defensive backs. Davis also has excellent concentration to make tough receptions and tracks the ball extremely well. He is a willing and able blocker as well, able to wall off would-be-tacklers for the ball carrier.


Finding weaknesses in Davis’ game is really picking nits. But, he’s not perfect. He’s is not a burner, by any means, but has enough speed to be an effective deep threat. Besides that, there’s really nothing to gripe about regarding Davis. It will be interesting to see how he times during workouts.

2017 NFL Draft Positional Rankings


Davis is the FBS career leader with 5,278 receiving yards. He is a versatile athlete who could all receiver spots, including the slot. He has the speed and size to make vertical plays along the sideline as split-end, yet also has the bulk and strength to be a flanker receiver who runs slants in the short to intermediate part of the field. On top of those qualities, he has the quickness and route-running to operate out of the slot. Davis would be a great fit in a West Coast offense. He is a rare prospect with the size and speed to do just about anything a NFL team wants.

2017 NFL Draft Early Entries

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Larry Fitzgerald

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Round 1

4 thoughts on “Meet The Prospect: Corey Davis”

  1. He looks very solid. Maybe it is the number 84, but he reminds me of Sterling Sharpe.
    I can see the Larry F comparison.
    Level of comp tho???


    1. Yeah. His ability to play the slot and win contested catches bears the Fitz comparison. The level of comp is a legit question. But he showed well against Michigan State, Purdue and Wisconsin the last two years. The more I watch him, the more I like him more than Mike Williams, honestly.

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