2017 College Football Championship Picks

The Defy Life crew got together to give their picks for the 2017 College Football National Championship Game.

Deshaun Watson Jonathan Allen
Deshaun Watson will attempt to fend off Jonathan Allen and lift Clemson past Alabama for the national title.

Monday night, we will get down to business with the 2017 College Football National Championship Game. Will it be the revenge-minded Clemson Tigers or the dynastic Alabama Crimson Tide? In last year’s title game, Alabama outlasted Clemson 45-40 in a game that was a lot closer than most anticipated.

Heading into tonight’s match-up, pretty much everyone expects this to be a close game. Alabama touts a historically great defense, led by defensive lineman Jonathan Allen, linebacker Reuben Foster and defensive back Minkah Fitzpatrick. Clemson boasts an explosive offense, headed by quarterback Deshaun Watson, running back Wayne Gallman and wide receiver Mike Williams. This should be one for the ages.

We gathered J.R. Glymph, Thomas Stephens and Alvin Glymph to get their thoughts on how the 2017 College Football National Championship Game will play out.

J.R. Glymph bama

Clemson has been waiting on this game for a year, and they know how close they were in last year’s game. Their offense might be even better now, and the defense is definitely better. With that being said, every year folks latch onto the latest challenge to Alabama’s reign. And every year, they leave with the same results. So, until someone knocks off the Tide…I’m sticking with the Tide. That defense is on the short-list of GOAT defenses in college football.

Projected Score: Alabama 35, Clemson 27

Thomas Stephens clemson

I guess you already know who I’m selecting to win tonight’s NCAA College Football’s National Championship game. Let’s attach this by the three facets of the game. If you match-up Clemson offense vs Alabama’s Defense. Alabama is entering this title game with the top Defense in land, giving up a whopping 12.1 pts per contest. They have a star studded cast and may go down in history as one of the best Defenses ever. However, Clemson’s high powered offense scored 38 pts per game, showing it’s capable of embarrassing any defense on any given day. They’re loaded with skill players. Oh, did I mention they have the 2 time Heisman runner up. (edge none)

Now let’s matchup Clemson’s D vs Bama’s O. The Tigers were 8th in the nation in scoring defense rendering 18.4 pts per game. The Tide scored 40 pts per game. Their offensive stats are very misleading.  That unbreachable defense was the catalysts for at least 72 points, scoring 12 non offensive touchdowns. They have a freshman quarterback with a good not great offensive line. Those two factors doesn’t bode well for Bama’s non explosive offense. (edge Clemson)

It may come down to special teams. In this area the Tide have a significant advantage. They have four return touchdowns split between three players. The Tigers have zero this year. Clemson has to precede with caution in the return game. Bama is capable of blocking a punt or bringing it back to house. Their field goal kickers are pretty even. Adam Griffith (Bama) kicking 74.1%, Greg Huegel (Clem) kicking 73.7%. (edge Bama)

I anticipate this being a hard fought game. It will be close in the waning moments of the game. However, Clemson’s Defense will be too much for Alabama’s offense. Deshawn Watson will put up points on the Tide’s stingy defense. Jalen Hurts and company will not be able to match them.

Welcome the new sheriff in town!!!

Projected Score: Alabama 13, Clemson 24

Alvin Glymph clemson

Clemson has had a year to get ready for this game.  Alabama brings in a strong defense with a freshman QB.  Alabama will try to run, but Clemson will make that difficult.  The difference will be Clemson’s ability to move the ball.  Eventually, Hurts will have to win the game for Bama and I don’t think he will be up for the task. Deshaun Watson will show why he is the top QB in the draft and expose Alabama’s defense.

Projected Score: Alabama 31, Clemson 37

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