Why is Trump the friend of our enemy?

Let’s talk about Donald Trump and Russia vs. American Interests regarding Russia.

trump1Shout out to President Obama for stepping up and responding to Russia’s interfering with our elections. Last week, Obama imposed sanctions on Russia leaders and kicked out 35 Russian intelligence folk from our country. Bravo!

If you ask me, we have been way too casual on the idea that a foreign government could hack and influence the election of our president. That’s not a good look. If that process is vulnerable, the potential for future cyber terrorism should be a concern. So much of our lives are facilitated through technology, thus hackable.

The crazy thing is that this allegation was made months ago. So why are we just kicking them out the country? When I first heard that the Russian government might be involved in the hacking I was alarmed.  As all Americans should of been.

Now I am sure our country has interfered with other elections – but so what!  If the reports from our intelligence agencies are true and the release of the Democratic National Committee communications were ordered by the Russian government – we got beef for real!

Am I the only one that thought is was strange that the emails were one-sided and aimed at benefitting the Trump campaign?

So now I have a few questions.  1) With less than three weeks left in Obama’s tenure – when will the White House and our intelligence show us the proof like they promised? 2) What will President-elect Trump do? 3) How will he handle the reports that implicate our enemy?  Since Trump is so friendly with our enemy, when he takes office will he lift the sanctions on Russian intelligence agencies next month?

My enemy’s friend is probably my enemy. IJS

Trump has already cast doubt on their findings by comparing it to the WMD intelligence briefings that led us to invade Iraq.  Considering that Trump publicly encouraged this act during the campaign, I am not surprised. I hope his supporters, those that voted him in, are as concerned that their President’s position on this issue is at odds with our national interests. Even Republican understand that these cyber-attacks are dangerous. Some suggesting it was an “act of war.”




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