Common To Comely

Common To Comely: Re-defy Yourself

Here on Common to Comely we have addressed the essential building blocks to enhance your everyday style.

We have been connecting the dots for two months. Shoes, pants, shirts, jackets, now we embark on accessories.

Previous issues of Common To Comely  Vol. One |  Vol. Two  |  Vol. Three | Vol. Four

I will be navigating you through a three part series to discuss them. There are so many avenues you can travel when it comes to accessorizing. Adding accessories are like placing cherries with nuts on top of your sundae. Normally you use them to lay the finishing touches to your get up. It could be something subtle or an addition with spunk, it all depends on the mood.

Lapel pins & Tie bars

Vintage Korean Brooch                  Lapel Stick Brooch

vintage-korean       stick-brooch

Crown Tiara Crystal                                 Arrow Tuxedo

crown    feeding

      Antique Cresent                            Korean Double Leaf

crest    leaf

Pewter Skeleton Brooch


                                   Officially Licensed Chicago


 Wooden Tie Clip                    PurryRing Collar

wood  silver-tone


          Salutto Steel Clip                 Glasses Clip Pinch

steel     glasses

Yosoo Plated                         English Lion

yosoo          lion


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