Random Thoughts On Fatherhood…

Random? Yes. In my feelings? Absolutely! I just wanted to share a few random thoughts on  the wonders of fatherhood.

father2Fatherhood is a delicate mix of love, toughness, strength, love, leadership, example-setting and…did I mention love? There is no blueprint, no instruction manual to inform a father on what it takes or what to do in a given situation. Fatherhood can be simultaneously rewarding and fruitless, empowering and disheartening, joyous and melancholy. But one thing I know is that throughout the entirety of this roller-coaster ride called fatherhood…IT IS ALL WORTH IT.

There are times I stare at my sons and I am truly amazed (as they are freaked out) at the people they are becoming. It’s truly amazing that this life for which I am responsible, is being molded right in front of me.

But, that’s the tricky thing. You want so much to protect them…to keep them out of harm’s way. But, as a father, sometimes you know that the best way to protect them is to let them learn on their own. So many times I’ve wanted to step in and just “fix it” when my sons are struggling with a task. However, often I have to tell myself to fall back and allow them to handle it and let the chips fall where they may. Of course, like my father for me, I will be there to help pick up the pieces if they fail miserably.

I want my children to live with purpose. Say “yes” as much as possible and create stories their grandchildren will want to hear. I hope they’re happy. In whatever they choose in life…just be happy doing it. I want my sons to love, get their hearts broken, enjoy victory, suffer defeat, travel, be grounded, raise a family and impact the world. Most of all, I don’t want my sons to fear greatness, nor failure. As both are inevitable if you’re willing to try anything.

The bitter understanding I have as a father is they will disappoint me on occasion…as I did my parents. But, they will always know I have their back…even when they don’t know it and I don’t know how.

I’m challenged, almost daily, by my kids. They are part of the reason I grew tired of talking about only sports and felt the need to branch out to other platforms. They challenge me on the lessons of leadership, conflict resolution, philanthropy and self-reflection. The aspect of true friendship is something they have faith in…and I’m thankful for that.

We hug, fuss, kiss, punch, wrestle…all in the span of five minutes. Then we do it again the next hour…then the next day. These little people have the capacity to teach you as much as you teach them. If you choose to accept the lessons.

I can never, for the life of me, grasp how a man could choose to not want this. I won’t bash, but I sure as hell can’t understand it. Unconditional love from a person who thinks you’re the coolest, strongest, most interesting person in the world…yeah, sign me up. And I know I won’t always be their superhero, but they better believe I will die trying.

I’m proud that the guys who run GoDefyLife.com with me are all amazing fathers. It speaks to the type of men they are. I love to see old friends of mine who have become great fathers. More than I’d ever get excited over them flaunting money, cars and women. It is truly fulfilling to see the guys I grew up with making an impact on the lives of their kids.

So, excuse me if I’m rambling. But, this was on my heart and I’ll be damned if I’m waiting until Father’s Day to say it! Shout out to all the fathers who get this and those still on their journey to understanding.


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