Meet The Prospect: Dalvin Cook

Florida State running back Dalvin Cook is one of the more explosive backs in recent NFL Draft memory. - NFL Jerseys and Gear

School: Florida State.  Ht: 5-11   Wt: 208


Cook is an explosive and decisive, a natural runner of the football. Consistently shows the ability to put his foot in the ground and go. He reaches top speed quickly while maintaining solid body control. He has excellent vision and lateral agility, helping him side-step oncoming defenders and squirt through cutback lanes. Cook has enough wiggle in his hips to make defenders miss in the hole and the open field. He is tough runner, breaking more tackles than his size would suggest. As a receiver, he has natural hands and shows above average spacial awareness.


Cook does not have prototypical size for an NFL running back. With that, there are durability concerns. He has already dealt with injuries during his college career. Cook has had two shoulder surgeries, the latest coming in April 2016. He also seems to be wound a bit tight, dealing with multiple hamstring and ankle injuries in the past. As a blocker, Cook is willing, but just doesn’t have rocks in his pants and displays shoddy technique. He has a tendency to unnecessarily  bounce runs to the outside when there are yards to be had inside.


2017 NFL Draft Positional Rankings


While Cook may lack elite individual traits, the total package he provides is impressive. He has the explosion, speed and agility to break long gains. Durability concerns are significant due to his frame and injury history, but Cook checks all the boxes in order to be mentioned in the conversation among the top backs available for the 2017 NFL Draft.


NFL Comparison

Thomas Jones (retired)

Draft Position

Top 20

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