Looking forward to doing Business in 2017

Let’s head into 2017 ready to continue growing your business.

What can you do to grow your business in 2017?

When it come to my business or personal life, I am not one that makes resolutions at the end of the year. Too many failed after 90 days and it was hard to make a good one.

But I do like to dare to be different – so I am making a businesses/entrepreneurial resolution for 2017 – Grow Smart.

Especially, since the new Presidential administration offers so much uncertainty. Who knows what is going to happen? America is a country recovering from an economic recession, which occurred under the last Republican administration. It is not perfect, but it so much better than 8-9 years ago. Does businessman Trump take  us back into a ditch or a period of strong revenue growth? Time will tell.

Either way. growth is essential. As businesses, we must grow to stay relevant and offer value to our clients. For me, I want it to be smart growth that is aligned to my core business.  

The internet, environment, and new technology – are also on my radar. These sectors should provide opportunities even in a slow growing economy.

One of my favorite books ever, Good to Great, refers to it as the “Hedgehog Concept”. This theory directs businesses to always know and do what they do best. Especially when considering expansion, if you want to sustain greatness, offer products and services that connect to what made you great. A website development company’s new service should not be food storage. 

Happy New Year!


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