Meet The Prospect: Mitch Trubisky

In just one year as a starter North Carolina quarterback Mitch Trubisky has put himself at the top of the 2017 NFL Draft class. - NFL Jerseys and Gear

School: North Carolina.  Ht: 6-3   Wt: 220


Trubisky is an athletic quarterback who possesses the size and mobility to hurt a defense in the pocket or outside it. His ability to scramble or move around once a play breaks down makes him a dual-threat as he has scored seven rushing touchdowns, so far, over the last two seasons. He also possesses a strong arm and can make NFL type throws.

He stands tall and balanced in the pocket bouncing on his toes, and is able to get rid of the ball quickly with a tight throwing motion. He has displayed good accuracy both from the pocket as well as on rollouts, placing the ball on his receivers and allowing them to pick up additional yardage after making the catch. Trubisky has also demonstrates the accuracy and touch on deeper throws and is able to “drop it into the bucket” down the field.


Trubisky plays in a hybrid spread system, utilized by Carolina’s head coach Larry Fedora, where he’s predominately in the shotgun (as opposed to taking snaps under center) with predetermined reads and is rarely ever asked to go through progressions. The change in offensive systems along with the fact that Trubisky only has 13 career starts under his belt would lead you to believe that there will be a major adjustment period for him early in his career. .

Also, with such limited playing experience, Trubisky has a few habits that need to be coached out of him. His pocket presence and awareness, as to where the pressure is coming from, is below average. He takes a number of unnecessary big hits as he is slow to see the rusher coming and doesn’t pick him up in time.

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Trubisky has undoubtedly played himself into first round consideration. If he maintains his play, and his health (assuming he forgoes his final season of eligibility) he has the size, arm-strength, and mobility that teams are looking to have at their quarterback position. With only a handful of NFL teams set at the quarterback position, and this being a quarterback driven league, not only will Trubisky get drafted in the first round, but he has a chance of being selected much higher than many would have imagined before the season started.

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Alex Smith

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