Top 25 NFL Jersey Sales For 2016

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As the 2016 NFL regular season winds down, we wanted to check in on which players are currently leading the league in jersey sales.

Ezekiel Elliott Dak Prescott
Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott have found instant stardom in the NFL and have the jersey sales to back it up.


1. elliott   Ezekiel Elliott

2. dak  Dak Prescott

3. wentz    Carson Wentz

4. brady   Tom Brady

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5. gronk   Rob Gronkowski

6. miller   Von Miller

7. brown   Antonio Brown

8. beckham   Odell Beckham Jr. 

9. carr   Derek Carr

10. rodgers   Aaron Rodgers

11. witten   Jason Witten

12. wilson   Russell Wilson

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13. roethlisberger   Ben Roeghlisberger

14. dez   Dez Bryant

15. edelman   Julian Edelman

16. 12   12 Fan

17. mack   Khalil Mack

18. julio   Julio Jones

19. brees   Drew Brees

20. cam   Cam Newton

21. smith   Harrison Smith

22. fitz   Larry Fitzgerald

23. cooper   Amari Cooper

24. kaep   Colin Kaepernick

25. manning   Eli Manning

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