Common To Comely

Re-Defy Yourself: Common To Comely

In this latest issue of ‘Common To Comely’ we will address the ever-evolving area of outerwear.

For the past month Common to Comely has been showcasing various articles of clothing to enhance your daily wardrobe. Team Defy Life constructed a strategic plan of action. Today we’re gonna shift gears and deviate from our schedule.

In honor of Jack Frost nipping at your ears, we must dedicate this issue to outer wear. Overcoats, Colts and jackets are devised to keep you warm. That’s all fine and dandy, however, I want you to be subtle, but make a statement.

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Bold, edgy, and precise should define you. Be bold, dare to straddle the fence of comely. Find a jacket that offers you a precise fit. Select an article that defines your alternate ego, by defying the norm.

I hope the array of outer wear ignites your interest.

Azbro Highneck                   Haoricu Fashion

azbro hairicu

Wantdo Retro Leather


Uncinba Knitted              Allegra Double Breasted


                          APTRO French Front


North Face Thermoball   Premium Blend Double

north   premium

                    Youhan Fitted Overcoat


Milwaukee Classic            Jinmen Bomber


   Laverapelle Lambskin


Supple Genuine Lambskin



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