Meet The Prospect: Myles Garrett

Texas A&M pass rusher Myles Garrett is a top talent, worthy of the “freak” label.

School: Texas A&M.  Ht: 6-4   Wt: 268


Garrett is an absolutely elite athlete. His initial burst off the snap is second to none, often beating the block before the blocker is out of his stance. For a young player, Garrett has a solid repertoire of pass rush moves…both initial and counter. He can bend and turn the corner naturally. He has a rocked up, chiseled frame, long arms and strong hands. For such a remarkable athlete, be matches it with high effort.



With a premier prospect like Garrett, the negatives are few and far between. Garrett can get pushed around in the running game, usually as a result of inconsistent technique. Comes off the ball too high at times. His is so fast off the ball, he will get too far upfield, creating rushing lanes.

2017 NFL Draft Positional Rankings


Myles Garrett is on the short list of players when it comes to athletic ability. The often overused term “freak” comes up a lot in conversations about Garrett, but it’s warranted in his case. With NFL coaching, Garrett has the ability to be a once in a generation type professional. Double-digit sack seasons should be the norm for Garrett over the next 8-10 years.

NFL Comparison

Robert Quinn

Draft Position

Top 3

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