Barkley: Hater, sexist, or just wrong?

Charles Barkley continues to spew his brand of absurdity in latest comments.

imagesI’m a coach, an admirer of women’s basketball, and my daughter is a varsity high school basketball player. So Charles Barkley’s comment that Golden State plays “girly basketball,” caught my attention.

I also am the guy who thinks many of Barkley’s comments over the last 25 years have been patently absurd. So I tried to resist my initial temptation to just dismiss him because many were offended by the comment. I wanted to dig deeper to explore what he was trying to say.

To be exact he said. ““Maybe I’m old school, but I’m never going to like that little girly basketball where you have to outscore people. I’m biased against girl basketball.”

To be honest, I agree that any offense based on just shooting threes is not my preferred style.  It is wack to me because many teams don’t play physical defense or balance it with interior offense.

But when my favorite shooting guard (now that Kobe is retired), Klay Thompson, scores 60 points in 29 minutes.  Then I hear, he scored 60 point while possessing the ball for 90 seconds.  That is amazing!

That was a great demonstration on how to move the ball to one of the best shooters in the world.  To score 60 in 90 seconds – that Is jacking them up as soon after he caught it. That is good basketball. Credit the Warriors for playing to their strengths.

Which makes me wonder is Barkley just a hater?  His teams never had this success or talent, so maybe he is just a little jealous.

Hater or not his analysis is definitely wrong by insinuating that Golden State just tries to outscore their opponents.  Quite the opposite, as they are a decent defensive team.

He also went wrong suggesting female basketball is just about outscoring people – even though that is the object of the game.  Like men’s basketball, not all teams play that style. So I can see why some thought it was offensive.

Plus, have you ever seen a female game?  From my experience, it is more physical than men’s basketball, relatively speaking.

I appreciate his old school perspective and remember when more physical play and defense was the dominant style in the NBA. But, those days are gone.

3 thoughts on “Barkley: Hater, sexist, or just wrong?”

  1. Womens basketball more physical than mens? You don’t really believe that. And yes I’ve seen many women basketball games. I am a lover of ol’ skool physical basketball with dominate centers and power forwards, but the 1 year college rule has ended that era b/c true post players can’t develop in 1 year of college. I wonder if Pat Ewing, Alonso Mourning, Barkley, K Malone, Shaq etc. would have been as successful entering the NBA after 1 year of college? I admit that Charles Barkley was my favorite player growing up but the game has changed and he has to accept it. And the girly basketball comment is what it is.

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    1. I absolutely agree that the one-and-done rule has stunted player development…so has the dominance of AAU competition and kids not playing multiple sports. Charles was my favorite growing up also, but he’s way off base. I don’t think he realizes that his “girly” comment lends value to the belief that the current brand of basketball is better than the era in which he played. Honestly, I wouldn’t put my money on any team from a prior era (except Jordan’s Bulls) to beat current Warriors in a series.

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