All of this over a tie?

Cam Newton again shows the growing pains of leadership.


Being a team leader is not easy.

After hearing about the 2015 MVP Cam Newton being benched by the Carolina Panthers for violating the team’s dress code I am just gonna call it like I see it, Cam Newton leadership ability sucks. He might get better, but he has a long way to go.

As a passer – impressive. As a person, he seems like a good guy.  As a hat model, off the charts.  As a leader …not so much.

I take being a professional and team leader very seriously. Within a year I’ve seen three incidences of poor leadership from a person that,as the quarterback, is supposed to be one of the leaders of his team. The Super Bowl displayed two instances – a couple on the field and then after the game at the press conference. Now we have the latest episode of him not following team dress code rules.

Bottom line, as a professional team leader it is your responsibility to model and show respect for the rules of the team. Regardless of whether he thought they were appropriate, as a leader, it’s not his place to show up the person who made the rules by not following the rules. The message he sent to his teammates was these rules are not worth following and there was no need to show respect for the coach.

As a professional, you always must respect the seat a person sits in. You have to understand what seat you sit in and what your responsibilities are, as well as the people above you.  You have to understand that people are placed in certain seats because someone deemed them capable of making decisions. Leaders show alignment as to not undermine their leader.

All that being said – I am have little doubt that if the Panthers were playing better on the field, the situation would have been handled different. He might not have ever heard about the dress code violation. This might be a signal that something much more significant is going wrong in the Panthers locker room.

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