7 Non-Traditional Ideas To Spice Up Your Holiday Meals

Growing tired of the traditional holiday spread? Here are 7 non-traditional holiday meals to keep it interesting.

It happens every year. The holidays come around and turkeys get paranoid…stuffing is sprawled all over the place…and green bean casserole has somehow become a thing.

I mean, you literally just finished your last leftover turkey sandwich and someone is trying to shove more of that big, dry bird in your face again. You haven’t even gotten the cranberry sauce stain out of favorite shirt, yet, for crying out loud.

What in the name of a fat lineman’s butt-pad is going on here?!!! Who do I have to talk to to get an addendum to this antiquated menu?  The clear answer, here, folks is first name “NO”, last name “BODY”. If you want to lighten things up in your kitchen for the holidays, just go right ahead and do it. And if you need some assistance, of course, I’ve got you covered.

Here are 7 non-traditional holiday meal ideas that will keep things interesting and your family going back for seconds…or fourths!!!




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