Week 14 NFL Power Rankings

As the 2016 NFL regular season enters its final quarter, we check in with our NFL Power Rankings.

The NFL season is a long, winding journey. If we could screen shot our emotions throughout the process of the season, it would be quite entertaining, I’m sure. There have been the highs. Those of pre-season anticipation for all 32 teams, someone coming out of nowhere to rattle off a 4-0 record, or some undrafted free agent making waves throughout league circles. Then, without fail, there are the lows. The lows of that pre-season hype morphing into delusion, of that hot team scorching back to terra firma, or that hot-shot rookie hitting the proverbial wall. These and other things, expected and not-so-much, are all parts of what makes the NFL season such a soap opera.

Now, we’re just a mere 4-weeks away from the end of the 2016 regular season. With that, comes the penultimate edition of Defy Life’s NFL Power Rankings. So, why don’t we take a look at where everyone stacks up heading into week 14.

  1. Dallas Cowboys 11-1

They keep finding ways to win. Dak and Zeke aren’t rookies anymore. This team still has to find a consistent pass rush though. And, even that is picking nits.

Dak Prescott Ezekiel Elliott
Its been all smiles in Dallas due to a couple of hot-shot rookies.

  1. New England Patriots 10-2

They remained fairly injury free for the bulk of the season. Now, without Gronk, they must adjust and keep moving on offense.

  1. Oakland Raiders 10-2

Derek Carr is the hottest QB in the league right now and a frontrunner for the league MVP. The improvement of the defense has been vital.

  1. Seattle Seahawks 8-3-1

The loss of Earl Thomas hurts the defense. However, the re-emergence of RB Thomas Rawls could be equally as beneficial on the other side of the ball.

  1. Kansas City Chiefs 9-3

Sunday’s win over the Falcons was a signature one, and on the road at that. Eric Berry is as good a defensive player as there is in the league.

  1. Detroit Lions 8-4

-This doesn’t even feel right talking about the Lions in the top ten. They are that good, however. Matthew Stafford deserves some MVP consideration.

  1. Atlanta Falcons 7-5

It’s easy to second-guess the Falcons’ decision to go for two near the end of the game. Right decision…horrible execution.

  1. Pittsburgh Steelers 7-5

The Steelers are peaking at the right time. Is there a better offensive weapon in the league than Le’Veon Bell? Speaking of weapons…

Ladarius Green
The Steelers unearthed a new toy for an already explosive offense in tight end Ladarius Green.

  1. Denver Broncos 8-4

There’s just something missing on this team…and it all keeps pointing to the quarterback position.

  1. Baltimore Ravens 8-4

The offense seems to be waking up at just in time to queue the “Joe Flacco is elite” talk.  And that defense is as stout as ever.

  1. New York Giants 8-4

Did the Giants get exposed Sunday or did they just run into a buzz saw in Pittsburgh? The answer is yes.

  1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 7-5

This young team is growing up before our eyes. However, the big test will be over next few weeks as they travel to Dallas and New Orleans down the stretch.

  1. Miami Dolphins 7-5

Did the Dolphins get exposed Sunday or did they just run into a buzz saw in Baltimore? The answer is yes.

  1. Washington 6-5-1

Losing a game against a down Arizona team will absolutely come back to bite Washington. Those are the games playoff-bound teams come away with.

  1. Minnesota Vikings 6-6

Oh, how the mighty have fallen. Hopefully, the return of Adrian Peterson and give this offense a boost down the stretch.

  1. Buffalo Bills 6-6

Until this team shows the ability to pass the ball downfield consistently, it will be mired in mediocrity. Also, where has that pass rush gone the past few weeks?

Tyrod Taylor
After a come-from-ahead loss to Oakland, the Bills need lots of help to push for the playoffs.

  1. Green Bay Packers 6-6

The Packers are heating up. However, it may be too little, too late at Lambeau. Also, no pass rush and no running game will get them nowhere in December.

  1. Arizona Cardinals 5-6-1

Who would have thought that this team could look so consistently middle-of-the-road at the start of the season? Not this guy!!! The Cards were my Super Bowl XLI pick.

  1. Houston Texans 6-6

I could pretty much just write the same thing for the entire AFC South. They. All. Stink.

  1. Tennessee Titans 6-6

I could pretty much just write the same thing for the entire AFC South. They. All. Stink.

  1. Indianapolis Colts 6-6

I could pretty much just write the same thing for the entire AFC South. They. All. Stink.

  1. San Diego Chargers 5-7

I can’t, for the life of me, figure out if this is the best awful team I’ve ever seen, or the worst mediocre team…

  1. New Orleans Saints 5-7

The combination of Drew Brees and Sean Payton are no longer enough to mask other deficiencies. Time to move on, possibly?

  1. Cincinnati Bengals 4-7-1

Nothing like a game against the struggling Eagles to forget…even if just for one day…that you’re the Bengals.

  1. Philadelphia Eagles 5-7

Remember when the Carson Wentz and the Eagles were really good…like way back in the day…in October?

Carson Wentz.
Things have really gone down the tube for the Philadelphia Eagles lately.

  1. New York Jets 3-9

It seems patently absurd that there was a contract dispute was waged with Ryan Fitzpatrick this off-season. Sheesh!

  1. Los Angeles Rams 4-8

Bet the Rams wish that word never leaked of a Jeff Fisher extension last off-season. Then, they could pretend it never happened.

  1. Carolina Panthers 4-8

Keep poundin’, Panthers. Just keep poundin’.

  1. Jacksonville Jaguars 2-10

I could pretty much just write the same thing for the entire AFC South. Except for this god-forsaken unit. At least I didn’t fall victim to this trendy Super Bowl pick in the preseason.

  1. Chicago Bears 3-9

Welcome to the Matt Barkley era, Chicago!

  1. San Francisco 49ers 1-11

What’s the over/under on how many days it takes Chip Kelly to high-tail it back to Oregon after the ‘Niners’ final game.

  1. Cleveland Browns 0-12

It’s always a good thing that wins and losses are of no concern to your front office when you’re staring 0-16 square in the face.

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