Common To Comely

Re-Defy Yourself: Common To Comely

It’s Friday, gentlemen. Time to talk wardrobe. Common to Comely phase 3.

In the first issue of Common To Comely, we began with shoes. We then proceeded with lower body wear in the second edition. Now, it’s time to get your shirt game in tact.

Friends, Romans, Countrymen lend me your ear, phase 3 is here. In phases 1 & 2 in Common to Comely we discussed shoes and lower body wear, respectively. Phase 3 is geared toward styling your torso. I’ve spoken to several people and they all convey an exact message. It doesn’t matter where you are or where you’re going. The very first article of clothing anyone notices about you is your shirt.

Think about it. Mike wears his same gray collar shirt with the black buttons every other Thursday to work. What’s your thought? I know…“There goes Mike with his old faithful gray and black Polo shirt.” However, picture meeting Carter in his new well-fitted pin stripped button up, your mindset is totally different. Now you’re thinking, “I may need to grab one of those. I’m sure it would look better on me.”

Every shirt in your wardrobe should be in play, if you purchased the correct size. Unless it has a butterfly collar, large graphics, or if it’s a tall white tee. I totally recommended you to refrain from wearing any of those dishonorable mentions.

Tailored, slim fit, and modern fit outlines the same recipe you must follow for your fitting type. Style and size is very important. You must avoid tops that are too big, too small, and just flat out ancient. Diversify your options with these selections. Pin stripes, checkered, solid, designed, flannel, collar, denim, no collar. Like I said, most shirt styles are relevant now and should be in play. Oh, I almost forgot. Let me leave you with two No No’s, or should I say Child Please!!!

Child Please…1. No Silk Shirts!!!

Child Please…2. Don’t be redundant and uniform. For example, the classic Polo Ralph Lauren Men’s Cotton Ribbed Trim Polo Shirt. If you’re over 25 years of age, let them go. Well, it’s ok to wear to work or run your daily errands…

Polo Shirt
Yes…let this guy go…

Here are a few items that may spark your interest…

H2H Casual Sleeve            Camuto Dress Pinstripe

h2h  camuto

Denim Supply Star


             Neleus Button                   Navigator Fleece

neleus legendary

    Supply Lauren Checked              Ralph Lauren Flag

supply ralph

    CK Jean Sleeve


      H2H Slim Fit                    Collar Sleeve Loose

h2h2 collar

Generic Button Up      generic

L’Asher Summer


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