Vic Mensa Takes Stand With Standing Rock

Continuing his work toward social justice, Vic Mensa is seeking to bring attention to the Dakota Access pipeline protest by posting videos of the situation to his social media.

menThe Chicago rapper has been on the Standing Rock Reservation this past week, joining those who are attempting to prevent a pipeline, which will carry crude oil, from interfering with Native American land.

Mensa recently addressed the Flint Water crisis and police brutality on his EP There’s Alot Going On. Now, in addition to documenting the activity at Standing Rock via Facebook Live, Mensa posted this poignant message to his Instagram page:

“I’ve been at #StandingRock for the last 3 days, and the experience has been amazing. If you’re not in tune with what’s going on here, Standing Rock is an Indian reservation where a major oil company is trying to drill a pipeline underneath the river that supplies drinking water for millions of people on and off of the reservation.”

“Drilling that oil pipeline could contaminate the livelihood of so many people, primarily indigenous people of this land that have been systematically destroyed since Europeans arrived in America. Thousands of people have come from all over the world to Standing Rock to stop that pipeline from being drilled and protect the water.”

The primary concern for protesters is that the pipeline may contaminate the water supply, which is exactly why the line isn’t running through the state capital of Bismarck. Instead, it is being run within half a mile of the Sioux reservation at Standing Rock.

The behavior of the police managing the protests has also been criticized as heavy-handed at a minimum and, at times abusive, with dogs and water cannons used to disperse the crowds.

Vic Mensa’s Standing Rock video diary can be found on the Roc Nation rapper’s Facebook page.



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