Teamwork is a beautiful thing


Cowboys functioning well as a team on and off the field.

The coach and team developer in me can’t help admire and take notice what is transpiring in Dallas. The next time I am doing a training n Team Development I going to use this as an example.

My favorite team is winning games and also modeling how true professionals earn their keep. In the real world, very little is given, but hard work will take you a long way. Hard work on a highly effective team will take you even further.Dak Prescott

From the beginning, Dak has been a motivated professional that has shown up well.  Shown up and showed out! But don’t get it twisted, Dak Prescott “earning” the quarterback position is more a function of the team’s record and how the team has handled the situation than the quality of his play mandating he stays as the starter.

The team’s success can be attributed to 1) good leadership, 2) a very good offensive line, 3) a very good running game, 4) an efficient passing attack, and 5) a bend-but-don’t break defense.  In that order.

If their record was 5-5, he would hold the clipboard and Romo would play. Prescott has played well, which is his job, but at this point Romo is a better QB and would get his job back when healthy.

The team is at 9-1. The has earned the right to not make any changes. Why risk altering the Mo-Mo when it is on your side.

Overall, the team has handled this situation well. While the veteran has recovered, the team has not undermined his role in the organization, while supporting and praising the rookie replacement. The veteran has supported the team and replacement, while diligently working to regain his role in the organization.  Now that is the working of a high effective team.

It sucks for Romo that now he is ready to return and the team is doing great without him.  Life is unfair like that some times.

Despite that unfairness, Romo in his statement, “football is a meritocracy”,  appropriately turned the focus on…the next opponent.


Romo will play again, but his days as the Cowboys starting QB appear to be gone.  For his sake I hope he stays healthy and plays well because I like the way he has repped in this one.

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