NFL Sunday Ticket Is Expanding

AT&T-owned DirecTV is making it easier to keep track of your favorite NFL team — all part of its offensive to keep you from cutting the pay-TV cord.

dirNational Football League viewership may have been down at the outset of the season — though there are signs ratings are rebounding recently — but that’s not for lack of effort on DirecTV’s part. With the kickoff of the 2016 season, the satellite service made it easier to watch out-of-market NFL games live-streamed as part of its NFL Sunday Ticket package.

With DirecTV’s NFLST.TV streaming service, subscribers need not feel tethered to their couches watching the satellite feed on the big screen. Before this season’s kickoff, DirecTV added more connected devices on which to watch the streamed games, including the latest Apple TV, Amazon Fire and Samsung smart TVs.

DirecTV also added NFLST.TV to the regular Sunday Ticket package, moving it from the Max package, which costs a bit more ($359.94 for the season, or six monthly payments of $59.99, compared with $269.94, or six payments of $44.99, for the standard offering) but includes additional features such as mix channels with up to eight games on-screen simultaneously.

The satellite TV provider’s strategy seems to have worked: DirecTV added 323,000 net new subscribers in the July-September period, according to research firm the Leichtman Group. That brings its subscriber numbers to 20.8 million, the firm estimates. Overall, the pay-TV industry lost more than 255,500 subscribers during the quarter.

As the playoff hunt heats up, DirecTV is giving fans a chance to huddle with Sunday Ticket and its streaming feature for the crucial last five weeks of the regular season for $39 ; college students get a break, too, at $29 (go to Note: You must be a DirecTV customer or prove you cannot receive the service to subscribe to Sunday Ticket streaming.

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