Big Al’s NFL Picks – Week 11

Pardon the late post –I did make the 1 pm kickoff though.  Last week was not a great one – but I did go .500.  Now I am at 80-65-2.  So let’s go.

(Home Team in CAPS)

CAROLINA over New Orleans – New Orleans had a heartbreaking loss.  Both teams had incredibly disappointing losses last week. But that was last week.  This week is a BIG division game, so I know they both are gonna bring it. Will Carolina’s defense be able to match-up? Brees has been putting up points, so they have to stop the running game. The bugger question is will Cam be consistent enough to keep up. This has not been his greatest year, but is not too late to turn it around though.  The time is now for him to step it up.

Pittsburgh over CLEVELAND – They almost pulled off a big home win against the Cowboys last week, so the worry is a letdown.  Fortunately, the Browns are horrible, so this should be a easy win. Big Ben is looking a lot better but their defense has to step it up to make a really run to the playoffs.  This could be a breakout week for Bell.  If they lose – stay way from the Steelers fans this week.

DALLAS over Baltimore  – The Boys are on a roll and they have a chance to sweep the AFC North. Romo has taken a back seat and they are fully Dak’s team. Focusing on the Ravens is all they want to talk about.   On to the Ravens.  The Ravens’ defense is one of the best (they are a little banged up though), so Dez, Dak, and Zeke will be fully tested. I think Dallas’ offense will put up points but I think the Dallas defense will be the difference.

DETROIT over Jacksonville – The Jags just can’t get right.  The Lions have to win to stay on top in the division and get into the playoffs. At home against the Jags defense, Stafford should have a great day. They need to get off to a better start though. Too many comeback efforts for my taste.

Tennessee over INDIANAPOLIS – Both teams are trying to catch the Texans. Luck at home is hard to go against, but I like what I see in the Titans. The running game has been carrying them and Mariota has been playing smart. That should be enough to win on the road.

Buffalo over CINCINNATI – Cincy’s loss to the Giants was telling. I truly think that was the death blow to this team. The Bills are on fighting for the playoffs and coming off the bye, I am going with Rex and his squad.  I like the Bills D. Even on the road, I think their defense will stop the run and pressure Dalton enough to pull off the road victory.

KANSAS CITY over Tampa Bay – This is going to be a better game than people think.  Bucs have been playing better last few weeks, but I think Andy Reid’s is fine tuning for the playoff run.  The Chiefs’ defense is good enough and the short passing game will be effective against the Bucs.

GIANTS over Chicago- I thought Cutler was turning it around, but last week, like I said – Cutler is Jeff George 2.0. Good one week – flag-football quality the next.  Bears should be looking at the draft or Romo now, because Cutler is on his way out.  Giants should breeze through this game. The Giants’ defense has been carrying the team, but Eli should have a good day against the Bears defense.

MINNESOTA over Arizona – This is a big game as far as I concern.  Minny has to win or their season is over. That is a huge motivator.  Their biggest problem is that they can’t protect Bradford, they made some progress last week, I am looking for a running game and better protection and the Cards have been up and down. Look for Minny defense to play better and them to pull out a squeaker.

Miami over LOS ANGELES – Goff finally hits the field.  What you got young man! Keenum has been below average as a QB, so it is about time!  The Dolphins defense has played OK, but the offense seems to be better behind Jay Ajayi. Their offense is a little banged up, but the Rams offense is terrible.

New England over SAN FRANCISCO – Tom Brady loss last week – nuff said!  This could get ugly really quick even without Gronkowski.  The Niners have moved the ball a little better under Kaepernick, but not enough to meet Brady coming off a loss.


SEATTLE over Philadelphia – This will be a good game.  Philly coming into Seattle having to win to stay in wildcard contention. To do that their running game has to be better and Wentz has to play flawlessly.  The Seattle defense though is getting healthy and they will when the game for them.

Green Bay over WASHINGTON– RELAX – that is what Rodgers told us, but that is over. Is it time to WORRY?  Cousins is playing better and the Packers defense is not. Too many mistakes. Still, I believe more in Rodgers than I do Cousins.  Green Bay has to win or they will be looking in from the outside in the Wildcard race.

OAKLAND over Houston – This is a simple issue.  Oakland rolling on both sides of the ball.  Coming off of a bye, their pass rush will overwhelm the Texans and so will their passing game.  Carr, Cooper and Crabtree are reminding me of Stabler, Branch, and Biletnikoff (Google them) – OK maybe nor yet – but they are rolling! Khalil Mack is pushing for Dfensive MVP – dude is that good.

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