Common To Comely

Re-Defy Yourself: Common To Comely

Yes…Friday is here! Time to talk wardrobe. Common to Comely phase 2. In the first issue we began with shoes, now we proceed with lower body wear.

Before I go any further you need to follow these strategic instructions. Enter your closet, grab every pair of pleated paints you own, then donate them to your nearest consignment shop. If you’re wearing pleated pants you’re living in the past, literally.

Lower body wear consists of pants, dress pants, jeans, etc. When searching for items think “fit”. I don’t mean barley baggy or extremely skinny. Ask yourself, do these fit me? Insert these terms into your wardrobe vernacular, tailor fit, modern fit, along with slim fit. If your normal size is tight, don’t hesitate to venture up a size. There’s a huge difference between a tight fit and a tailored fit. Note this! When you’re experimenting outside your comfort zone, you will at some point in time feel “uncomfortable”. Lastly, don’t be afraid of color, it’s a new era now, color is it. Key word gentlemen: “Diversity”. Your pants area should remind you of a box of crayons, Diversity!!!! Wait, within reason, don’t be ridiculous.

Here a few items….

               Polo Chino              Calvin Klein Textured

ralph-lauren-chino calvin-klein-textured-pant

                                Levis Twill Rinse


Guess Straight Mechanical       Joe’s Jeans Slim

guess        joes

                           All Mankind Slimmy


                      Ralph Lauren Olive Front


Perry Ellis Travel                      Polo Riverside


BONUS ITEM! This was too good not to show you…

Click here to see!!!

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