NFL Coaching Hot Seat Watch

With the NFL season hitting the home stretch, we take a look at which coaches are on the hot seat.

Part of being an NFL head coach is getting fired. It happens every year. On average, there are seven head coaching changes in the NFL, annually. There are some franchises who stick with a coach through thick and thin. The Packers, Steelers and Panthers are examples of teams who are patient in times of despair. Of course, that’s part of the reason why these franchises are consistently successful. On the other hand, there are organizations like Cleveland, San Diego and Chicago that have a bit quicker trigger when it comes to giving a coach the boot.

Let’s examine which NFL head coaches should be feeling warm in the old hind parts in our NFL Coaching Hot Seat Watch.

1. Gus Bradley, Jacksonville Jaguars

bradleyYear: 4     2016 Record: 2-7     Record w/ Team: 14-43   Pct: .246

Statistically, Gus Bradley is the worst coach in the history of the NFL. The Jaguars’ organization has been extremely patient with Bradley, but at some point there must be results. Also, the abundance of talented, high draft picks must be coached up before they’re cast-offs.

2. Marvin Lewis, Cincinnati Bengals

lewisYear: 14     2016 Record: 3-5-1     Record w/ Team: 115-99-3      Pct: .537

Talk about patience!!! If Lewis, whose Bengals currently sit in 3rd place in the AFC North, don’t make the playoffs this season, the franchise may have no choice but to move on. That would make 14 seasons with zero playoff victories. Lewis has been a rock for this franchise. However, it may be time for a new voice.

3. Mike McCoy, San Diego Chargers

mccoyYear: 4     2016 Record: 4-6     Record w/ Team: 26-32     Pct: .448

If one word could sum up McCoy’s tenure in San Diego, it would be “mediocre”. That’s simply not good enough, especially when you have a top 10 QB. McCoy’s teams have developed a disturbing tendency to squander big leads and lose close games. Injuries have been a major issue, but that’s something the good coaches overcome. The Chargers may decide to move on in attempts to get something out of Phillip Rivers’ twilight years.

4. Rex Ryan, Buffalo Bills

ryanYear: 2     2016 Record: 12-13     Record w/ Team: 12-13     Pct: .480

You’d probably think two years is a bit quick to fire a coach. While I agree, Rex Ryan was hired to win now…and by new owners at that. Ryan’s Bills’ teams have been highly undisciplined to the point of actually costing victories. If the Bills don’t qualify for the postseason this year, Rex may be looking for another job.

5. Jeff Fisher, Los Angeles Rams

fisherYear: 5     2016 Record: 4-5     Record w/ Team: 31-41-1      Pct: .432

I’ve never been shy in my belief that Jeff Fisher gets a pass as an overrated head coach. In 22 years as a head coach, Fisher has only gone to the playoffs 6 times…with no postseason appearance since the 2008 season. It appears Fisher is leading the Rams down the same underwhelming path. A rookie QB drafted #1 overall in Jared Goff may buy Fisher another season in L.A.

6. Todd Bowles, New York Jets

bowlesYear: 2     2016 Record: 3-7     Record w/ Team: 13-13      Pct: .500

Bowles may get another year to prove himself after narrowly missing the playoffs in 2015 and having horrible QB play squander his 2016 campaign. Ryan Fitzpatrick was forced upon Bowles, and the team is paying for it. The Jets need to be more consistent under Bowles, moving forward, if he is to be the long-term solution for Gang Green.

7. Chuck Pagano, Indianapolis Colts

paganoYear: 5     2016 Record: 4-5     Record w/ Team: 45-28      Pct: .616

If the Colts can squeak by and win the AFC South, that may save Pagano’s job. But, this entire organization may need a reboot, from GM down to head coach. Andrew Luck is being absolutely wasted behind a sieve of an offensive line. The defense (Pagano’s forte’) is equally as leaky.

***Potential Shocker ***: Mike McCarthy, Green Bay Packers



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