Chaos or Community?

The election is over (FINALLY) and I have recovered from my initial shock and sadness. The struggle is real!

Trump protest
Countless Americans have taken to the streets in protest of President-elect, Donald Trump.

That first day as I sat in a local coffee shop, I could not help but look at people with the side-eye – wondering if they voted for the candidate that expressed racist, sexist, and fascist rhetoric to get elected.

For the record, just because you voted for Trump – that does not mean you are a racist, sexist, and fascist. But, it’s hard to accept that so many people care more about party affiliation, illegal immigration, white maleness, and bravado than they care about racism, sexism, intelligence, women issues, marriage equality, preparation, transparency, truthfulness, facts, criminal, justice reform, or temperament.

It scares me that a candidate who proudly advocated for “stop-n-frisk”, which means that I am more likely to have my constitutional rights violated by police than a white person, would get the votes from people I am friendly with on a daily basis.

That is how I felt on the day after the election. 48 hours later I am reminded of our First Lady’s remarks, “When they go low, we go high.” Despite the fact that the President-elect was able to inspire voters through deplorable comments and actions, he is still the President of this country and deserves my respect.

Going forward we need to hold him accountable to his pledge to be “Our President.” Time will tell, but recent Republican history suggests that those words are BS and he is going to push policies that help his supporters. Obama’s first two years were wasted trying to reach out across the aisle to people that were dedicated to his failure, so we will see how Trump approaches this.

What I do know, is that while the President is powerful, I am more responsible for the success of myself, family, and community. So, I will be the same man I was before the election. I will approach every day trying to be a better father, husband, and professional. I will still do my part as a mentor and youth basketball coach. I will still advocate for students to achieve postsecondary success and work to make myself a better me. I suggest you do the same.

As I watch the youth protest the election, I hope they soon get over it and focus on stuff we can control. 2020 will be here faster that we think. If you opposed Trump’s candidacy, focus on learning from this defeat and recognize that Trump ran against a flawed candidate and strategy. Let’s start now to inspire those who stayed home on Election Day to want to vote by engaging them and advocating for their concerns.

The most intelligent, charismatic, scandal-free, prepared, popular, and articulate President of my lifetime is replaced by Donald Trump. Only in America!

I am going to fight the temptation to slip back into a state of disengagement, as I was during the Bush years. Obama’s presidency has changed me.  Finally, having a President that reflected many of my concerns and seeing his so disrespected by his opponents taught me that is not who I want to be anymore.

Keep the faith. If we survived GW Bush, we will survive Trump.


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